quarta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2013

The british presence in Macau

A 24 de Outubro Rogério Puga apresenta na Universidade de Hong Kong o livro "The British Presence in Macau, 1635-1793". No dia seguinte a apresentação acontece na Universidade de Macau (auditório II).
No dia 26, também em Macau, na Fundação Rui Cunha a palestra será sobre o primeiro museu de que há registo na China... foi em Macau em 1829. (ver post)
"For more than four centuries, Macau was the center of Portuguese trade and culture on the South China Coast. Until the founding of Hong Kong and the opening of other ports in the 1840s, it was also the main gateway to China for independent British merchants and their only place of permanent residence there. Drawing extensively on Portuguese as well as British sources, The British Presence in Macau traces Anglo-Portuguese relations in South China from the first arrival of English trading ships in the 1630s through the establishment of factories at Canton and the beginnings of the opium trade to the Macartney Embassy of 1793."

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