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Bits of Old China (1885)

Bits of Old China, foi editado em 1885. É da autoria de Mr. William C. Hunter que viveu (e teve filhos) em Macau. Fez a sua primeira viagem à China com apenas 12 anos. Morreu em 1864. Como os chineses não permitiam a residência de estrangeiros Hunter, tal como tantos outros, estabeleceu-se em Macau. Era empregado da firma norte-americana Russell & Co. na China. Durante a sua estadia em Macau fez muitos amigos entre os portugueses e macaenses.
Alguns excertos desta obra.
«Altogether such views as few cities can offer, and full of interest geographically, historically and politically. If thereto be added the salubrity of its climate, the pureness of its skies, and its balmy atmosphere, it is not a matter of surprise that many ‘old Cantoners' chose it for their permanent abode». (...)
«Macao has been from 1722 the summer resort of the residents of Canton. The custom existed of having to be ‘secured', as at Canton, and to declare the length of sojourn for which a permit was granted, but there was no difficulty in renewing it. My own ‘security' was Senhor Bartolomeo Barretto, whose family had identified itself with the place for many generations».
«At Macao visitors can freely enjoy the exquisite climate, its magnificent view over sea and islands of every form and in endless number. The Macaistas generally speak English and are a kind and hospitable people. They enjoy the privilege of living in a city untouched by change as regards its public building and defences, which remain to-day as they were originally built nearly three hundred years ago, and which bear silent witness to the courage and enterprise of their forefathers, the first to lead the way via the Cape of Storms to the Far East, and who have here left many of the works of their own hands».

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