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Volta ao mundo no Sunbeam: 1876-77

Assinado pela baronesa que com o marido, Thomas Brassey (aos comandos) fizeram uma viagem à volta do mundo a bordo do iate Sunbeam. Passaram pela Madeira (logo no início) e por Macau (já no final).
1891 printing of Around the World in the Yacht "Sunbeam," Our Home on the Ocean for 11 Months. By Mrs. Brassey, with illustrations, including a large folding map. Published by Henry Holt and Co., New York, 1891. 479 pages.
Travel to: Madeira,Tenerife, Cape Verde, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The River Plate, Life on the Pampas, Sandy Point to Lota Bay, Chile, Santiago and Valparaiso, The South Sea Islands, Tahiti, Hawaii, Japan, China, Macao, Singapore, Sri Lanka
Aden, Yemen, Suez.
On July 1st, 1876, Lady Brassey and her party departed England aboard the large steam and sailing yacht Sunbeam for a cruise around the world. The Sunbeam was at this time the first privately owned yacht to make a circumnavigation and predated Slocum's single-handed voyage by some 10 years.
This forthright and courageous woman tells this story with full knowledge of the difficulties and pleasures of cruising in the late 19th century. The Sunbeam was large, in fact she had a list of persons aboard for the whole voyage which totaled eleven (Mrs. Brassey counts the Commander, the Captain and the Surgeon as part of this list) and a crew of 32 (counting the Nurse, the Lady's Maid and the Stewardess). Her children accompanied her on the cruise and many other guests arrived and departed at various points on the extended voyage. While there is no data in the book on the Sunbeam herself, vis-a-vis her dimensions, some idea of her size can be gleaned by the list of her boats: the Gleam, (lifeboat cutter), the Glance, (large gig), the Ray, (light gig), the Trap (steam launch), the Mote, dinghy, and the Flash, (light outrigger).
This was cruising in the grand style indeed! The contents list some of the areas visited: Farewell to Old England, Madeira, Teneriffe, and Cape de Verde Islands, Palma to Rio de Janeiro, The River Plate, the Straits of Magellan, Chili, Santiago and Valparaiso, Valparaiso to Tahiti, The South Sea Islands, Tahiti to the Sandwich Islands, Honolulu to Japan, To Canton up the Pearl River, From Macao to Singapore, Ceylon, Via Suez Canal, and Home. First published in 1892.
Anna [Annie] Brassey, Baroness Brassey (née Allnutt) (1839-1887) was an English traveller and writer. Her bestselling book, "A Voyage in the Sunbeam, our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months" was published in 1878 for the first time. The couple had five children together before they travelled aboard their luxury yacht Sunbeam. The number of people on board was 43. A Voyage in the Sunbeam, describing their journey around the world in 1876-7, ran through many English editions and was translated into at least five other languages.                                                                                                                  
Uma edição de 1881
Her accounts of later voyages include Sunshine and Storm in the East (1880); In the Trades, the Tropics, and the Roaring Forties (1885); and The Last Voyage (1889, published posthumously). The daughter of John Allnutt, she married the English member of parliament Sir Thomas Brassey (later Earl Brassey), with whom she lived near his Hastings constituency. At home in England, she performed charitable work, largely for the St. John Ambulance Association. Her collection of ethnographic and natural history material were shown in a museum at her husband's London house until they were moved to Hastings Museum in 1919.
Lady Brassey's last voyage on the Sunbeam was to India and Australia, undertaken in November 1886 to improve her health.
On the way to Mauritius, she died of malaria on 14 September 1887, and was buried at sea.

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