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"Sagres": 1987

1987: One more episode is achieved in Aviation History between Portugal and Macau. The “Sagres” - a Mooney Super 21 (M-20E), CS-ALG, connects Portugal to Macau, recalling the aerial raid by Brito Pais and Sarmento Beires. Two pilots, Maj. Jorge Cruz Galego and Armando Leal, and the mechanic Álvaro Mendes composed the crew. 
Sagres departed Tires aerdrome on January 10, 1987 and landed in Macau 27 days later (February 6, 1987) in a small improvised compacted runway which was prepared in the Concordia reclaimed area next to the Karting Track in Coloane Island. After landing and on behalf of the 3 aviators Jorge Cruz, read the following Luis de Camões statement: “esta é a minha ditosa pátria minha amada- sentiu-o aqui Camões e nós compreendemo-lo”. 
Days later, on attempting a return flight to Lisbon, Portugal, the airplane experienced a forced landing just to the northwest of Macau, following a technical failure.
Once practically recovered, "Sagres" became a point of attraction exhibited in Granja Municipal Park in Coloane Island located pretty much close to the place this "beauty" first landed in Macau, after a long aerial raid adventure...
The original a/c propeller was somehow "repaired" and forwarded to Hong Kong where is now exposed in the portuguese "Lusitano" club.
Total flight time: 65h30m in 27 days.
Night time: 40h45m.
Number of landings: 23.
Ground distance: 8150 NM = +/- 15000 KM.
Text/photos: Carlos Fragoso Costa
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