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Samuel Dyer: 1804-1843

Samuel Dyer was born in Greenwich, London in 1804. Dyer studied at Homerton. He was married to Maria Tarn. He worked as a missionary. He died in Macau in October 1843 aged 39 years and 8 months old.
He was a British Protestant Missionary to China in the Congretationalist Tradition, who worked among the Chinese in Malaysia He arrived in Penang in 1827. Dyer, his wife Maria, and their family lived in Malacca and then finally in Singapore. He was known as a typographer for creating a steel typeface of chinese characters for printing to replace traditional wood blocks. Dyer's type was accurate, aesthetically pleasing, durable and practical.
Um dos seus trabalhos de impressão onde 'revolucionou' o processo de produção
Dyer was able to finally reach China on 7 August 1843 at Hong kong. At the LMS general conference he was appointed as Conference Secretary. The Dyers were appointed to go to Fuzhou, Fujian to open missionary work there. Samuel visited Guangshou where he had a severe attack of fever and was cared for by Peter Parker, M.D.. He was taken to Macau and died in there on 21 October 1843 before being able to live in China itself at his newly assigned designation of Fuzhou. This was the same outbreak that took the life of Robert Morrison's son, John Robert Morrison at Guangzhou. Dyer was buried next to the graves of Robert and Mary Morrison at the Old Protestant Cemitery in Macau. Dyer had once written: If I thought anything would prevent my dying for China, the thought would crush me.
Source: wikipedia
Pedra tumular em Macau. Cemitério protestante
Protestant Missionary to the Chinese,
Who for 16 years devoted all his energies
to the advancement of the Gospel
among the emigrants from China
settled in Pinang Malacca and Singapore.
As a Man, he was amiable & affectionate,
As a Christian, upright, sincere & humble-minded,
As a Missionary, devoted zealous & indefatigable.
He spared neither time, nor labour nor property,
in his efforts to do good to his fellowmen.
He died in the confident belief of that truth
which for so many years he affectionately & faithfully
preached to the Heathen.
He was born 20 February 1804,
Sent to the East by the London Missionary Society
And died at Macao, 24 October. 1843.
For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,
even so them also which sleep in Jesus
will God bring with him.

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