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Depósito BNU: 1937

This is a CD issued to Miss Leung Sook Yin by the Macau Branch of the Atlantic Overseas Bank (BNU) with a principle of one thousand dollars. The term was six month with a 2% interest rate, issued on 1937, Aug. 11. - Translation by Mio S. Lau
Nota de um depósito de mil dólares feito no BNU com com um prazo de 6 meses e uma  taxa de juro de 2%. A 11 de Agosto de 1937.
Full translation: Atlantic Overseas Bank, Macau Branch
Number 3964 (this number is more visible in the other side of this certificate in Portuguese Certificate. Maturation Date 1938 Feb 12. Leung Sook Yin submitte...d one thousand dollars for a six month term. Interest of two dollars for every 100 dollars per year will start accumulated as of today. At maturation date, the holder must show this certificate to either collect the principle plus interest or extend the term. If extension is not applied, interest will stop accumulated at the maturation date. 1937, Aug. 11. This certificate is not transferrable. If there is discrepancy between the Portuguese and Chinese certificates, the Portuguese certificate is considered the correct version.

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