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The Defences of Macau

The Defences of Macau: Forts, Ships and Weapons Over 450 Years. Livro da autoria de Richard J. Garrett editado em Junho de 2010 pela Hong Kong University Press.
Resumo: The forts built from the early seventeenth century onwards, the ships that defended Macau's waters, the weapons that armed the facilities and the soldiers and sailors who manned them all are carefully detailed in The Defences of Macau. These forts, cannon and small arms were a familiar part of society for hundreds of years, and a significant part of Macau's heritage. Macau is fortunate in having so many artifacts remaining, but very little research has been done on them. Richard Garrett, a retired civil engineer and an expert in antique weapons, addresses this gap by identifying many rare and unique weapons. More than 200 illustrations, many in colour, serve as a visual record of what has survived. Some of the forts are included among Macau's World Heritage sites. Many visitors and those interested in the history of the region will be interested in these forts and arms that remain in relative abundance in Macau. The book will also appeal to those scholars specialising in military and arms history.
Richard Garrett was educated at Dulwich College and Trinity College, Cambridge. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Hong Kong's Centre of Asian Studies, and a member of the Arms and Armour Society, the Society for Army Historical Research and the Ordnance Society. He started collecting antique firearms in 1965 and has written many articles on antique weapons.
Para quem se interessar pelo tema aqui fica mais uma 'dica'. Em Setembro de 1964 foi publicado um artigo de 17 páginas no Journal of Southeast Asian History,  Intitula-se "The Defences of Macao in 1794: A British Assessment" e é da autoria de J. L. Cranmer-Byng.
Canhão na Fortaleza do Monte

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