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Atracções turísticas em 1908

40 miles south west of Hongkong One steamer SS Heungshan 1,055 tons daily to and from Hongkong and two steamers to and from Canton give easy communication with both these centres. Travellers to the East should not leave Hongkong without paying a visit to Macao. This historical and Portuguese Colony founded in 1557 is sufficiently important and interesting to deserve a portion of the tourist's time. The approach to Macao is exceedingly beautiful and has often been spoken of as a miniature Bay of Naples. A day may be pleasantly spent in visiting the following places:
- The Praia Grande, a beautiful promenade on sea front with Fort San Francisco and Public Gardens at the ancient Fort Bom Parto and magnificent Hotel Boa Vista on an eminence at the west end.
- The Gardens and Grotto of Camoes named after the distinguished and famous Portuguese poet who wrote the Lusiad there.
- The facade and ruins of the Jesuit Church of San Paulo which was burnt down in 1835.
- The Barrier of Porta do Cerco the place of demarcation between Portuguese and Chinese Territory so tragically associated with the murder by the Chinese of Governor Ferreira do Amaral on 22nd August 1849.
- The Guia Fort with Chapel and Lighthouse enclosed the latter being the first Lighthouse in the Far East From this point a magnificent panoramic view can be obtained of the city the islands surrounding country and waterways.
- The Avenida Vasco da Gama The picturesque Montanha Russa on the outskirts of the city beyond Flora Gardens overlooking the bathing beach of Areia Preta.

Texto extraído de um anuário publicado em Hong Kong em 1908

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