segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

Macau: history and society de Hao Zhidong

"Macau History and Society" illuminates the early Portuguese maritime exploration along China's south coast, political and economic development in Macau, and current social problems. The book makes significant contributions to a political sociology of Macau, emphasizing how different civilizations and cultures interacted with one another, and explores how a new Macau identity can be constructed. Democratization has been a never-ending process in Macau since the 1500's. Macau's experience indicates that sovereignty has been shared rather than exclusive. Although civilizations and cultures do clash, they also cooperate. But the Macau model is deeply flawed - Hao contends that Macau needs to build a new multicultural identity, and a cosmopolitan political and economic identity. 
Blackwell Publishing - Editado em Fevereiro de 2011

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