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Macau Trotting Club / Macau Jockey Club

No folheto turístico Macau Travel Trade Handbook de 1981 refere-se:
"Horse Trotting” – The Macau Trotting Club has already opened its first harness racing track in Asia on the historical Island of Taipa. All horses purchased in Australia and New Zealand have attained a standard of 2 minutes 14 seconds for the mile. The oval-shaped track is five furlongs in length and 80 feet wide with inner and outer track. The track is 20 feet wider than tracks used overseas, thus allowing more room for overtaking. 
The five-storey stand has a capacity for 15,000 people with restaurants seating 1,5000. Parking facilities are available for 750 cars and 40 tour buses. Public admission tickets cost 3 patacas.
On the day of the races, the Trotting Club will provide transportation to amd from the track at the bridge terminal near the Statue of Governor Ferreira do Amaral, just in front of the main entrance of Hotel Lisboa."
O Macau Trotting Club foi fundado em 1980
Denomina-se Macau Jockey Club desde 1989

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