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Macau's tourist attractions: início década 1980

Excertos de guias turísticos dos primeiros anos da década de 1980:
Visitors can go to Macau from Hong Kong either by ferry about a 3hr trip or by hydrofoil or jetfoil about 1 hr. Taxis are plentiful and inexpensive. There are also public buses.
The larger hotels have facilities for overseas phone calls and cables. Overseas calls also can be made from the General Post Office.
Macau has 13,000 telephones and 4 AM and 3 FM radio transmitters.
Macau hotels are relatively inexpensive and include modern luxury hotels older Victorian style hotels and converted villas.
Book in advance particularly for weekends holidays or during special events such as the Macau Grand Prix Portuguese Chinese and European cuisines are available in Macau's restaurants.
Macau has 11 deluxe and first class hotels with 2,600 rooms. Of the estimated 4 million people who visited Macau in 1980 3.4 million were Hong Kong residents. Japanese British American and other foreign tourists exceeded 400,000.
Among Macau's tourist attractions are its Mediterranean atmosphere in an oriental setting, its casinos, dog racing tracks, Jai Alai palace and the annual Macau Grand Prix automobile race. (...) There are 13 commercial banks six of them foreign-owned.
Entre 1982 e 1986 foram inaugurados 5 hotéis passando a oferta hoteleira para um total de 22. Nesta oferta estavam hotéis de 5 estrelas (Mandarim Oriental, Royal, Hyatt Regency e Lisboa), uma pousada de 5 estrelas (Pousada de São Tiago), hotéis de três estrelas (Sintra, Metrópole, Matsuya e Mondial), um hotel de 4 estrelas (Presidente), hotéis de duas estrelas (Central, Bela Vista, Estoril), uma pousada de 4 estrelas (Pousada de Coloane), entre outros.

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