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Memórias do 10º GPM de Edward (Ted) Carter

A história do Grande Prémio de Macau está recheada de histórias. A que escolhi para hoje é a do norte-americano Edward (Ted) Carter. Participou em apenas uma corrida como piloto. Onde? Em Macau.
Descreve-a como sendo a sua "experiência mais memorável". Ainda em declarações exclusivas ao blogue Macau Antigo disse: "It was a great adventure, exciting, exotic, and fun. It was professionally run but, at the same time, informal - more like a club event than an international grand prix."
Ted Carter com o seu Brahham nº 27
Ted terminaria na 10ª posição.
Ficha técnica do Brabham - enquanto "carro histórico" - que Ted Carter comprou quando estava em Okinawa em 1963 para participar na edição desse ano do GP de Macau.
Agradecimento: A Edward G.L. Carter pela disponibilidade e cedência das imagens. 
Grelha de Partida do 10º GPM
Da esq. para a dta. na primeira fila: Dodgie Laurel, Ted Carter, Albert Poon in the Lotus 23.
Segunda fila: Steve Holland e Bill Baxter com o E-Type Jaguar (ficou em 2º).
Teddy Yip com o mesmo modelo de carro ficou em 3º.

Ted Carter e Arsenio Laurel vencedor da prova com um Lotus 22 FJ (Ford)

(...) "Getting to Macau from Hong Kong was a long, languid ferry trip interspersed with sepia-colored junks plying the sepia sea as Chinese gun boats wallowed in watch. (Today one travels First Class on Boeing-powered Jet-foils which skim this now gauntlet-less velvet water in 55 minutes.)
Macau, once Portuguese, now officially the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is an autonomous territory on the western side of the Pearl River Delta some 40 miles west-southwest of Hong Kong.
In 1963, I see it as a very cultured, un-cultured pearl. A grain-of-sand-sized colony nestled almost unnoticed in the rough oyster of China that edges the South China Sea, Macau is the mecca of all gamblers and a watering hole for many idiosyncratic characters who ride the jet streams of the world. I was here for a little more serious gambling—to challenge the best of the East in the 10th Macau Grand Prix to be held Sunday, November 17.
We had a week to prepare me and the car. The Formula Junior Class Race was to be on Saturday, the 16th. There weren’t very many actual race cars entered and, numbered 27 - very lucky to the Chinese - my Brabham BT2 was the 'dark horse' favorite; the betting was especially heavy.
I walked the 3.8-mile circuit, studying every curve and straight, every camber, angle, and elevation. It was going to be challenging. There weren’t any escape areas either, mistakes wouldn’t be forgiven.
I did a lot of practice laps – as I had learned from my walk, it’s not a simple circuit. Below is Turn 19 on the red map above – the Melco Hairpin; it is the tightest hairpin of any race track in the world. The first time I came around, I hit the apex with my rear tire. You can see the dark, round mark below.
The Class Race was more like a parade. Arsenio "Dodgie" Laurel was first in his Lotus 22 Formula Junior. I came in 2nd. My new friend, Steve Holland (who worked for Harper Ford in Hong Kong), in a Lotus 18 Ford Formula Junior, didn’t finish. Another new friend, Albert Poon, a cute Hong Kong police detective, won his class in a beautiful Lotus 23. He is now Sir Albert and is 81 years old!
Sunday, November 18, 1963 - The X Macau Grand Prix 1963
I got a good start in the 60-lap Grand Prix.
Suddenly, on the 19th lap, just past Reservoir Bend, I lost oil pressure and the engine blew! “27” didn’t turn out to be so lucky after all.
Dodgie Laurel, the son of former President Jose P. Laurel the of the Philippines, had a great start, took the lead, and held it all the way. With his victory, he became the first driver to win two consecutive Macau Grands Prix. His Lotus also became the fastest car ever on the Guia circuit when it hit a top speed of 73.38 mph mid-way through the race. The Jaguar E-types of Bill Baxter (see Chapter Two) and Teddy Yip, although four laps behind, were second and third respectively. (...)"

Excertos da biografia "The Amazing Life and Times of Edward Carter - Unique Entrepreneur".

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