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“Pirates in the Waters of Macao (1854-1935)”

A propósito do post de ontem, acrescento o essencial da informação em inglês e algumas das fotos em exposição (do Arquivo de Macau) bem como o cartaz da mostra e mais alguns links para outros posts já publicados sobre o tema.
Organised by the Archives of Macao, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, an exhibition entitled “Pirates in the Waters of Macao (1854-1935)” wil be on display until 31 January 2021, “presenting the phenomenon of piracy in the surrounding waters of Macao and the multiple meanings it had for Macao.” 
The exhibition features a selection of over 100 documents, maps and photographs from Macao Archives’ collection that addresses the issue of piracy in the Pearl River Delta, “thereby revealing the diversity and thematic amplitude of the documentation, as well as developing knowledge about the multiple meanings of the phenomenon of piracy for Macao in the second half of the 19th century to the first decades of the 20th century.”
Cartaz da exposição

Tam Kong Temple (Coloane)
Preparation to fight pirates
Pirates arrested after 1910 combats

 Military manouvres in Coloane
Gunboat "Macau" used in fights against pirates

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