sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010

"Historic Macao" em leilão por 4 mil dólares

Esta edição de "Historic Macao" de Montalto de Jesus está à venda num leilão da internet por 4 mil dólares... Para mais informações sobre a obra e o autor consultar este post, por exemplo, existem outros...
Quem colocou o livro à venda descreve-o assim..

This is something that you will probably never see again on eBay or anywhere else: a 2nd edition copy of "Historic Macao - International Traits in China Old and New" with hand-written corrections for the 3rd edition in the margins and throughout the book by the author himself! C. A. Montalto de Jesus took a paperback 1926 printing of his literary classis, Historic Macao, and made all of the corrections that he intended for the 3rd edition, which never came about because of his passing.
The book is approximately 510 pages with extra pages of corrections inserted throughout the book. There are hand-written everywhere: in the margins; at the tops and the bottoms; in between words and in sentences; everywhere! But it is in very poor condition: the binding is coming apart in most places to the point where you can see the threads; many of the pages are loose and bent at the corners (but not really dog-earred); there are some tears and rips, but surprisingly few considering its age. I have enclosed some pictures so that are representative of what the rest of the book looks like.

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