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Farol da Guia na imprensa estrangeira: 1865

Guia Lighthouse, dating from 1865, is the first modern western style lighthouse on the Chinese coast. Some news about that in December 1865 on foreign newspapers: Edinburgh Gazette e London Gazette.
Construído em 1865, o Farol da Guia é o primeiro farol moderno e de estilo ocidental na costa chinesa. Notícias sobre o início do funcionamento do Farol da Guia em dois jornais estrangeiros: Edinburgh Gazette e London Gazette.

"Edinburgh Gazette", 22 de Dezembro de 1865

Notice to Mariners. (No. 68.) China - South Coast. 
Revolving Light at Fort Guia, Macao. 
Information has been received at the Admiralty, that the Portuguese Government have established a light at Fort Guia, on the peninsula of Macao, south coast of China. The light is a revolving white light, placed at an elevation of about 330 feet above the mean level of the sea,.and in clear weather should be seen from a distance of 20 miles. The tower stands in about, lat. 22º 12'N., long. 113° 33' 30" east of Greenwich.
By command of their Lordships, Geo. Henry 'Richards, Hydrographer. Hydrographic.Office, Admiralty, London, 7th December, 1865.
This notice affects the following Admiralty' Charts: - China, General, No. 1262; Sheets, 1, 3; 4, Nos. 2212, 2660, 2661; Canton River, Sheet 5, No. 1739; Macao, No. 1290; Hainan Island to Macao, No. 1246: Canton River and Western Branches, No. 2563; and China Sea Index. No. 1270.

in "The London Gazette", 19 de Dezembro de 1865.

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