domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Postal/Envelope: "Concorde" em 1985

This is a rare fully crew signed copy of the Macau special official British Airways cover issued for the first flight of Concorde from Hong Kong to London on 4 March 1985.  It has three Macau stamps cancelled on 4 March 1985 by a Macau Post Office handstamp.  It was carried from Macau to Hong Kong and then flown on Concorde G-BOAA from Hong Kong to London via Bangkok and Bahrain, and was backstamped by the Heathrow Airport Post Office on arrival.  Basic flight details and a special cachet appear on the face of the cover which is presented with an insert card providing full flight details incorporating a certificate of authenticity.  It's signed by nine flight deck crew members.
 4 de Março de 1985

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