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Quaint, interesting and beautiful Macao …

by Alice Brockway, published by the China Baptist Publications Society, Canton, China (1921), written after a stay in Canton, which the dedication page makes clear: "To my dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. John Lake, who did so much to make my stay in Canton interesting and happy, and also to encourage me in writing these simple sketches..." Alice first trip was in 1914-15 and her second visit was in 1920-21. Sketches of her China visit include several places, including Macao
"Quaint, interesting and beautiful Macao… Such was the first and last impression of this Portuguese City, half Portuguese, half Chinese, full of historic memories… Here in Macao lives ex-minister Lew, former representative of China at the Court of St. James; also the wife of Sun Yat Sen, first president of the Republic of China. Both Lady Lew and Mrs. Sun are members and active workers of the little Baptist Church here… I visited Lady Lew in her home… A large airy reception room, furnished with beautiful teak wood furniture; chairs covered with handsomely embroidered red satin… and a glass lantern that came from the palace of the Empress Dowager…"
O capítulo de Macau tem 5 páginas e diversas fotografias. Pode ver mais imagens de Macau na década de 1920 aqui.

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