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Igreja do Seminário de S. José: curiosidades

Entrada para o Seminário e Igreja de S. José: 
em cima desenho de G. Chinnery 1830's
em baixo uma foto do início do séc. 21
1758 (before) The Royal College of St Joseph (Collegis de S José) with church attached was built by the Nankin Jesuits. Though the exact date of that building is unknown yet it existed in 1758. At the expulsion of the Jesuits by the Portuguese in 1762 its activity ceased though it was resumed after 20 years and in 1784 it was transferred to the Congregation of Portuguese Missions in China. Its principal aim is to provide China with evangelical teachers. Founded by the Nankin Jesuits it is called by the Chinese (...) in contradistinction to St Paul's which is called (...) as founded by the Peking Jesuits It has an old Japanese bell dated 1719. Its fine chime bears date Lisbon 1806. There is said to be a R. C. Church at Peking whose front is a facsimile of that of St Joseph's College chapel here*.
Excerto de uma edição de 1887 do Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal
* referência às semelhanças arquitectónicas entre a igreja do Seminário de S. José e a Catedral da Imaculada Conceição, em Pequim, a mais antiga igreja católica na China, cuja construção remonta ao início do século 17 e que ainda existe.
Igreja Seminário S. José, Macau
Catedral da Imaculada Conceição, Pequim.

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