terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009

The Thunders

The Thunders from Macau won a pop music contest organized by HKTVB in 1968 which took them to stardom as well as a recording contract with EMI. The winning song “She’s in Hong Kong”, an original composition by band member Rigoberto do Rosário Jr., was released on an SP which sold out immediately. More hit makers followed including “A minha tristeza”, “Summer Fun” and “Macau Terra Minha (my hometown)”. The group disbanded in 1971 shortly after it completed a very successful sting at the famous Mocambo.
The Thunders: Herculano Airosa “Alou” (keyboard), Armando Sales Ritchie (bass), Rigoberto do Rosário Jr. “Api” (lead), Domingos Rosa Duque “Lelé” (rhythm), Manuel Costa (drums & percussion)

Lyrics - She's in Hong Kong

After a long search I’ve made around the world
I met a girl in Hong Kong
She’s the nicest girl in this world
So to her I’ll belong
I had many girls from other countries
But none of them were my right one
The one I love is staying in Hong Kong
So I sing a song, a happy love song.
Now I have someone to call
Now I have a true love to fall
She’s everything good for me
And my love for heris bigger than the sea
I got no words to tell her‘
Cause I’m happy as could beI really have fallen for her
As you all can see

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